North America E-Learning Market Infographics

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A great number of North American organizations are adopting learning technologies: see the Infographics to learn more about the latest E-Learning trends, and the Learning Management System market forecasts.

2013 taught us that the outcome of any learning initiative, whether blended, classroom based, or fully online must contribute to the organization’s KPIs and decision processes. As a result the designated learning technologies like Docebo must become part of a larger spectrum of systems – also referred as an ecosystem – and be able to integrate seamlessly with different IT legacy systems like ERPs, CRMs, HRIS, SIS, Videconferencing tools and more. For the adopters these integrations need to be as plug-and-play as possible. The enablement of an open API framework or a pre built Web Apps marketplace in Docebo is a response to such a critical market need.

North America E-Learning Market Infographics

Meanwhile in North America companies like Amazon and Rackspace have become a standard de facto in the Cloud business, and are contributing to an enormous acceleration of Cloud based services adoption. Thanks to such a greater technological maturity trend, 2013 showed in the learning technologies sector a boost in the usage rate of videos among our customer base. Ultimately, this is also consistent with the idea that learning processes need to leverage humanization, and reduce the amount of flat and impersonal PPT decks.

As we approach 2014, we observe that a great number of North American organizations are adopting learning technologies not limited to the scope of internal training purposes. Both channel and external clients training initiatives are nowadays a must-do. In this respect, I strongly feel that MooCs were NOT a bubble, but rather an academic anticipation of an unsatisfied business need. The need is to be able to leverage internal knowledge, aggregate it professionally in courses, and be able to market those to the appropriate segments of target audiences through LMS with embedded E-Commerce capabilities. Turning a cost-driven system like an LMS into a revenue generating system is definetely the most impacting trend which I anticipate for 2014.

Alessio Artuffo – Director, International Business Operations – Docebo