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Boost New Hire Retention With Automated Onboarding

• 2 min read

Put your onboarding on auto-pilot by leveraging the capabilities of your learning platform. Download Docebo’s latest whitepaper to learn how!

In today’s fast paced business environment, getting new hires up to speed as quickly and as effectively as possible is more important than ever. An effective onboarding strategy can make sure this happens, and improve employee retention, engagement and performance over time. But many companies don’t bother establishing one, and if they do, it doesn’t include structured training. This lack of structure can wreak havoc on the organization’s ability to develop and retain employees at a time when instilling organizational values matter most.

Reality is, nearly a third of new employees quit their jobs within a year, and a lack of effective onboarding and training programs take the brunt of the blame. This trend is costing companies a lot of money – it can cost up to 3 times an employee’s salary to replace him or her with a new employee. Millennial turnover alone, for example, costs organization $30.5 billion in lost costs, according to research by Gallup.

There’s incredible value in an effective onboarding strategy designed to keep new hires around for the long run and make sure they’re engaged with their roles and the organization’s values. Learning technology can help you bring the onboarding strategy you need to life, especially as it relates to automating specific functions, such as:

  • Preboarding Paperwork
  • Provisioning
  • Policy Acknowledgements
  • Communications and reminders
  • Performance Management

Leveraging learning technology to automate your onboarding process not only develops better teams, faster, and but also:

  • 25% Increase in employee retention with a 1 year onboarding programs19% higher new hire engagement rate
  • 13% higher rates of new hire performance goals met

Docebo’s latest whitepaper explores actionable strategies you can deploy to make your onboarding more effective and how to leverage your learning platform to automate the process. Insights include:

  • Connecting onboarding to learning and performance by developing practical programs that incorporate important organizational and role-related information that new hires need to be successful in their new jobs.
  • How to extend onboarding into L&D with learning technology by understanding that learning platforms have evolved beyond traditional, formal training courses, and a sound learning program that includes a variety of modalities to satisfy the needs of individual learners.
  • Deploying actionable strategies to automate your onboarding, easily, to reduce costs, boost onboarding effectiveness, engage new hires with a clear vision of their roles and reduce administrative costs.

Docebo can help you put your onboarding on auto-pilot – download our latest whitepaper to find out how!