Brandon Hall Group: Companies see real business results with a new LMS

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New Brandon Hall Group study shows when companies replace their LMS, bottom line improves

User experience (UX) is important with all learning management systems (LMSs) because, more often than not, this software is the first interaction a new employee has with an organization. A new study from the Brandon Hall Group indicates a strong positive correlation between companies implementing a new learning technology and growth in their bottom line.

Many organizations report 10% or more in improvements to their key performance indicators (KPIs) after implementing new learning technology: 40% of companies saw an increase in revenue, 53% saw an increase in productivity and engagement, 26% saw a decrease in cost and 16% of companies saw a decrease in turnover rate.

Organizations that did not report an improvement indicate their KPIs remained the same while, only 1% report a decrease in productivity. Nearly half of the companies surveyed by the Brandon Hall Group are exploring new Learning and Development technologies and many of them are planning to increase their spending to improve their online training platform.

Recognizing the the importance of the new online training platform trend, companies are shaking things up. Only 3% of companies surveyed say they have no plans to implement a new learning technology and 42% plan to invest in their training platform, thus improving their UX.

Topping their list of priorities, companies want a training platform that utilizes social and mobile technologies, improves their UX, integrates with other enterprise systems and learning content management systems (LCMSs).

Brandon Hall Group’s new research also shows why more companies are looking for a new LMS and it reveals online training software spending trends in 2016.

For more information, download the new Brandon Hall Group infographic showing a positive correlation between companies implementing a new training platform and growth in their bottom line.