Extend Your Reach With a Proactive Virtual Coach

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Virtual Coach

I don’t know about you but getting myself to the gym is a struggle. The weather is either too nice to be inside, working out, or the weather is too bad to leave my apartment. Either way there’s an excuse.

And when I do manage to drag myself there, I have a few routines that I go through, but I don’t know exactly what I should be working on and what machines I should be using. Does this sound familiar?

Well, for the first time, I got myself a personal trainer and finally I have some direction. I can ask her questions about things I’m unsure of, and she tells me which muscles I should be concentrating on, points me in the direction of the correct machines, and has created a workout routine for me to follow.

So, what does my personal trainer have to do with learning? Well, the same theory can be applied to your learning programs.

Like me, many of your learners can be overwhelmed with the number of courses available to them, can make excuses for delaying their learning, and often have questions about which route is the best for them. They want someone there with them in the flow of work, guiding them through their development in a personalized way.

Indeed, as learning professionals, you would love to be able to dedicate the same amount of time to each of your learners as my personal trainer does for me, but this just isn’t realistic or scalable.

So where do we turn? Our old friend AI (artificial intelligence) of course!

With the help of AI, we can create a virtual personal trainer to step in when we can’t act as the supportive, 1:1 and proactive coach that our learners desire.

Introducing Docebo’s Virtual Coach

Docebo’s first-to-market Virtual Coach gives learners more control over their learning journey, and uses those insights to continuously improve their experience to create deeper and more effective learning outcomes.

Now you can scale your learning activities and support your learners with personalized, instant responses, all without admin intervention.

So, what does the Virtual Coach do?

  • Ask for and receive content recommendations
  • Push notifications for learning progress
  • Asking questions & receiving answers
  • Available on desktop & mobile
  • Providing feedback

A Proactive Learning Experience

The Virtual Coach is like the olympic trainer you never had.

It steps in and helps your learners stay on track by sending them progress reminders on courses that they’re yet to complete, and can even reach out to them, unprompted, to suggest learning content and courses the AI has recognized that they might find useful.

These helpful nudges also stop your learners from spending too much time looking for the right content, searching through channels and catalogues manually, and pulling relevant snippets out of longer pieces of content.

Increase Engagement

Millennials make up the largest proportion of today’s workforce, but with 87% of them saying that, despite professional development being very important to them, their enterprise learning experience is boring, there needs to be some drastic changes.

A Virtual Coach uses the information each learner feeds to it, such as which types of learning content they enjoy the most, to keep them focused and engaged in their learning journey.

Not only this, but if anyone starts losing momentum, their Virtual Coach will give them a little nudge as a reminder that there is content or courses to complete. For example, from an onboarding or compliance perspective, these nudges are particularly useful because they continuously and strategically engage learners at the right time to accelerate their pace of learning and complete courses important to their roles and development sooner and with more knowledge retained.

Supports Personalized Learning

Although the Virtual Coach provides much-needed support to the L&D admin – a new virtual L&D teammate – it’s interest is in your learners.

While enterprise learning courses tend to be aimed at how new knowledge can support the business, a Virtual Coach sources and recommends learning content that goes beyond formal learning activities to support personal growth as well.

Encouraging learners to take a proactive role in learning is a great way to engage them with formal learning activities as well. Instead of learning being treated as an “Ok, I have to do this, but I don’t really want to” activity, it becomes part of a routine, a behavioural change required for learners to see your learning platform as the best source of the information they need, at the right time. As the Virtual Coach is powered by AI, the more they interact with it, the more personalized their experience becomes, a relationship that develops stronger and stronger as time goes on.

Learners can also decide when and where they call on the expertise of the Virtual Coach. With the feature supported on both our desktop platform and mobile app, your learners get the freedom to learn at their leisure.

Free up Admin’s Time

While we’re on the subject of support, have you gathered how much of your time this coach will free up!?

A Virtual Coach is an extension of you, offering personalized guidance to each and every one of your learners without you having to lift a finger.

Not only that, both you and your learners can give feedback to your Virtual Coach on what it’s doing well and where it needs to improve. This helps the system to coach your learners in a more useful and specific way over time.

So, what will you do with all of this extra time? Focus on continuously improving learning programs and aligning them to your business – and provide the Virtual Coach with even more content to support you in continuously improving your learners’ experience throughout their learning journey.

Get in touch with one of our (human) team members and they’ll show you how Docebo’s Virtual Coach can help elevate your learning programs.