Selling online courses with the Docebo LMS ecommerce module

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Creating learning programs is a common practice that allows you to build a sequential learning path with different courses and resources for different learning levels. A learning plan drives the growth of users and constitutes a valuable tool for the development / maturation of new skills, or the reinforcement of existing ones.

Learning plans can include, for example, language courses, soft skills, technical topics or product information, and they are all useful for learning new content and certifying new skills. Selling learning plans could be a profitable business – but how do you go about selling learning programs?

Step 1: Build your learning plan

First of all you have to create the courses that will be included in your learning plan. You can add any kind of course available in the Docebo LMS: e-learning, webinar or classroom courses, and this way you can maximize the effectiveness of training by getting the most out of all these three learning methods, combining e-learning resources with webinars and live training.

You can assign prerequisites to the learning plan in order to make it sequential, so that only users that have passed the previous courses can then proceed in the learning program.

What happens if a student misses a classroom course that is part of a sequential learning plan? Typically, if you have set prerequisites between courses the student will have to suspend his/her learning plan because s/he cannot access the next course without having completed the classroom course first.

Docebo has found a solution for this – we have introduced a catch-up courses option to learning plans! Basically the catch-up sessions will allow students to attend a substitute, or plan B, course instead of the “official” classroom course they missed, and therefore they can proceed with the learning plan as originally intended, with no interruptions.

Step 2: Make your learning plan purchasable

The second step is to create the Learning plan by assigning an appealing image, title and description. In order to sell your learning plan you have to insert it in a catalog and manage the ecommerce settings accordingly e.g. assign a price for the learning plan which will cover all the courses included in the plan. Alternatively, you can choose to sell only some of the courses included in the learning plan in which case the final price will be the sum of prices of the individual courses.

The Docebo LMS ecommerce integration allows payment through the most popular payment systems in the web: Paypal, and Adyen, you just need a valid merchant account for one of these three systems and you can easily set up all the required information in our ecommerce settings page.

You can easily track all the information through the new e-commerce-transactions custom report. This report shows the list of e-commerce transaction data. The report contains one transaction item per row, with the information in columns, making it easier and quicker to check all the information. You can export the file in csv or xls format.

Conveniently, you can also schedule the sending of the report to yourself and all your stakeholders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – making the process fully automatic.

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