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What Does Social Learning Look Like? [INFOGRAPHIC]

• 2 min read

Uncover the value of social learning in the workplace in this infographic.

Where do employees go for critical information when they’re trying to complete a task?

They don’t take formal courses – they search around and ask a colleague or an expert.

This is how most learning actually happens at work and there’s a simple reason why – it’s more effective than formal training.

If you think back to the last time you were in a typical training environment, were you able to remember exactly what you learnt just a few days later? 

The forgetting curve says most people only recall 10% of information learned within just 72 hours. 

Learning from your peers while carrying out tasks is what we call social learning and research shows retention rates as high as 70% when social learning approaches are employed. Rather than relying on typical training environments with low recollection rates, social learning allows learning to happen in the working environment. 

So, what does social learning look like when it’s facilitated by a modern learning platform? Check out our infographic below.

Learn how to maximize the value of employee engagement and enhance L&D initiatives through social learning.