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Delivering Learner-Centric Experiences with Docebo’s 7.0 Update

• 3 min read

Docebo’s new social, mobile, and UI/UX upgrades help you build learner-centric experiences

We’re pleased to announce our new release: Docebo 7.0!

In order for learning programs to be effective, it’s important to provide a learner-centric experience. It’s crucial that your learning management system helps to put your learners first. The social, mobile, and UI/UX improvements in our new release are designed to help you build a learner-centric experience that will engage your learners and, ultimately, increase your overall L&D effectiveness.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits enabled by the key feature improvements available in the new release.

New UI/UX Increases Learner Adoption and Engagement

According to a recent Brandon Hall Group survey, 87% of companies surveyed indicated that they were interested in switching their LMS because they were seeking an improved user experience. For learners (both internal and external), a state-of-the art user experience will make training much more compelling. For learning administrators, a user-friendly interface will help increase productivity by eliminating workarounds and labor-intensive tasks.

One of the biggest updates in Docebo 7.0 is the overall user interface and user experience. The streamlined look and feel of the system is designed to help increase learner adoption and engagement, and ultimately increase the overall effectiveness of your L&D programs.

Offline Mobile Courses & Tracking Provides a Continuous Learner Experience

One of the biggest detriments to training is a disrupted learner experience – i.e., an experience where a learner cannot access learning content on any device, at the point of need.

Docebo 7.0 takes the mobile learning experience to the next level by allowing learners to download content and access it offline so they can learn anywhere, anytime. All offline learning progress is tracked and synced when they return online, allowing for a continuous learning experience.

Updated Coach and Share Facilitates Social Learning

Organizations who implement the 70:20:10 learning methodology understand the importance of supporting learning as it actually happens – through a blend of formal and informal learning.

Our improvements to Docebo’s award-winning Coach and Share app help to better support social learning. In particular, we’ve improved our Questions & Answers feature so learners and experts can join forces to create best practices and curate knowledge capital, and top performers can be recognized by coworkers.

We’ve also added the option for learners to create learning playlists – i.e., a collection of learning assets for a specific topic or purpose. Playlists can be shared with other learners, further enabling social learning.

Ecommerce Subscription Option Enables a Consistent Revenue Stream

Selling training to your customers is a proven way to open up new streams of revenue and to provide more value to your learners.

Docebo 7.0 introduces the capability to package courses in bundles, and sell those bundles through subscriptions. This capability allows your organization to run a subscription-based business model and open recurring revenue channels (vs. one-time upfront payments), as well as further prove ROI.Watch the short video below to learn more about how Docebo 7.0 helps you deliver a learner-centric experience.

See the new and improved Docebo 7.0 features in action. Start your 14-day free trial today!