Put Learners at the Centre of L&D With Personalized Learning [REPORT]

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Personalized learning probably exists in your business, whether you know it or not

You might have heard about personalized learning already, or maybe you’ve never heard about the concept before. But what you may not know is, you’re probably already using personalized learning elements in one way or another.

For those who don’t know, personalized learning is a learning and development approach that focuses squarely on the individual learner. Imagine a new employee walks through the doors for their first week on the job. As an L&D professional, do you hand them a stock company manual and training plan? Or do you sit down with the learner; discover their strengths, weaknesses, and career objectives; and develop a learning path that aligns with their personal needs?

Who Uses Personalized Learning?

The latter would be considered a personalized learning approach, and according to a recent Brandon Hall Group study, most organizations use some form of personalized learning in their L&D programs. While only 10% of respondents claimed to use personalized learning strategically in their learning strategy, a combined 84% indicated they used personalized learning strategically either most of the time or sometimes. Only 6% of respondents said they didn’t use personalized learning at all.

Tapping into the Power of Personalized Learning

Now, conceptions of what personalized learning actually is and how it is used in learning programs can differ, but in order to get to the bottom of it and shed some light on how to implement it effectively we’ve just released a new white paper on the entire approach to learning. It’s called Tapping the Power of Personalized Learning, and it’s available for download right now.

Personalized learning as a concept has been around for ages, but only now is it beginning to play a larger role in L&D and eLearning in particular. Learning technology is on the cusp of playing an explosive role in facilitating personalized learning programs, but forward-thinking players will start with a robust strategy today.

In the paper, we cover:

  • How personalized learning came to be and what its essential components are
  • Data on adoption rates of personalized learning programs in learning and development today
  • The basics of what to do today in order to prepare for your personalized learning strategy, and more

So, whether or not you’re aware of how ingrained personalized learning is in your organization, read the report today and get a better sense of how to maximize its potential in your learning strategy.

Download Tapping the Power of Personalized Learning today to get better insight into how a personalized learning approach can serve your organization.