Think Like a Consultant to buy a Learning Platform Like a Pro

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Put on your consultant hat to make smarter LMS buying decisions

Ever heard the joke that you give a consultant your watch so they can tell you the time? This tongue in cheek wisecrack may be an exaggeration, but it does beg the question; are consultants always warranted or should their requirement be assessed on a case-by-case scenario?

Consulting is huge: in 2016 alone, the US consulting market grew 7.1% to $58.7 billion and continues to grow in 2017. It’s big business, and sometimes consultants are necessary. However, there are times when smart businesses can actually become the consultant. It requires a change in mentality, and it is something that can be achieved by adopting a different approach when evaluating enterprise software vendors – including learning management systems (LMS). This shift is something we cover in depth in How to Buy A Learning Platform Like a Consultant, a quick guide on assessing learning platforms using 5 simple tips to make more informed decisions.

You might be asking why you’d want to buy like a consultant. Well, we believe that adopting a consultant’s mindset will help you establish the right strategy and allow you to do your due diligence to find the right solution before you actually make a decision. So, why is this important? Well, the last thing you want to do is commit the time and resources to deciding on a solution, and then spend significant amounts of capital acquiring the solution, only to have to replace that solution a year later.

So, what are the risks if a solution isn’t a fit? A recent Brandon Hall Group study on learning technology and survey of hundreds of leaders in learning and development revealed that 88% of companies said improving user experience was the top reason for switching an online training platform. Further, another BHG study showed that over 50% of respondents reported that poor user experience was among the biggest barriers to satisfaction with learning technology. And, this isn’t the only pain point your learners may face – which is to say that sometimes, we don’t know what we don’t know unless we’re trained to ask the right questions. And, better to ask them before, not after the sale closes.

To learn about the 4 other strategies to help you think like a consultant when you’re buying, download our report today.

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