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[Webinar] How Learning can Drive Sales Performance

• 2 min read

Does your sales team have the training they need to succeed?

The natural rhythm of a sales team doesn’t typically allow for conventional in-classroom training. With sales professionals spending large chunks of their time on the road, on calls, at client visits, and prospecting, information and training needs to be on-demand and accessible across devices or it risks not happening at all. The catch 22 is that while sale professionals may view training as an obstacle to closing deals, they actually need this training in order to stay up to date with the latest product news and sales strategy to they can be successful.

Considering these challenges and the myriad more that can stand in the way of beneficial training initiatives, companies that want to keep their competitive edge need to rethink learning technology with an eye towards sales enablement. Done right, this can help organizations develop agile, effective sales teams that go to market with impact.

On October 25th, Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Josh Squires, Chief Learning Officer at Docebo, as they examine how learning technology can deliver experiences tailored to sales professionals and designed for performance.  

Discussion topics include:

  • Sales training challenges
  • Informal learning opportunities
  • Creating personalized, relevant experiences
  • Tying learning to measurable outcomes
  • Strategies in practice

Space is limited so reserve your spot now or risk missing out.

Give your sales team the training they need to close. Join our webinar to find out how.