What is the AICC Standard and How is it Relevant to My eLearning Plan?

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The AICC is dissolved, but having an LMS that supports AICC is still crucial

In 1988, the Aviation Industry Computer-based Training Committee (AICC) was formed to make sure training material could be developed, delivered and evaluated across the increasing number of computer-based training platforms. These universal specifications set forth by the AICC soon reached far beyond the aviation community and into the corporate training world, making AICC the first elearning standard in the world.

Is AICC Still Applicable?

In 2014, the AICC decided to dissolve due to the decline in membership numbers. Before it dissolved, the AICC was working to make content compliant with CMI-5 (Computer Managed Instruction). CMI-5 compliance is the successor to AICC, and the good news is that CMI-5 conforms to the newest standard, experience API (xAPI). When the AICC disbanded, they transferred the CMI-5 project to the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative to ensure continued access to all of your training content.

AICC paved the way for standardizing the interoperability of elearning content. The organization worked tirelessly for 26 years creating and maintaining the learning technology framework that was built upon by SCORM and xAPI.

AICC and learning management systems

Because of their work, having a learning management system that is AICC compliant still has its place in today’s elearning environment. Many companies still have older content lingering among their training materials that were originally packaged in AICC, so it’s important to many organizations to invest in an LMS that not only looks to the future when integrating with other business tools and introducing new levels of learning object support, but that also provides a cost-effective means for maximizing the value of older training content that’s still used each day.

Docebo supports content packaged in AICC, SCORM and Tin Can/xAPI, and makes it easy to import, deliver and track training and results in just a few clicks. Talk to an expert today and see how simple it is to deliver high-impact learning objects, regardless of how your training content is packaged.