Whitepaper: Win your Competitive Race with Extended Enterprise Learning

• 2 min read

We have just released a free whitepaper on the topic of Extended Enterprise (EE) learning, and why and how organizations can use an LMS with eLearning to engage their external audiences of channel partners, customers and users.

Did you know…?

  • Over 50% of organizations train their channel partners
  • EE can be used to generate new streams of revenue
  • Certified channel partners sell 2-10x more than non-certified
  • There is a special kind of LMS for EE

In this whitepaper, author John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, goes over the tools and technology you will need to engage the voluntary users of the extended enterprise and get going at your organization.

John argues that ‘the evolution of cloud computing, mobile devices and social media changed the learning and development market in ways that no one could have predicted’ and goes on to say that EE learning is facilitated by a LMS to keep track of all your users, content and the relationship between the two.

Business benefits of Extended Enterprise learning

Unlike internal employee training, it’s easy to measure the business impact of EE learning. The whitepaper outlines how an EE LMS allows you to report on the training completions of your extended audience groups – allowing you to compare trained and untrained groups or individuals in metrics such as renewals, support calls or channel sales performance to determine the measurable impact.

The measurable benefits of EE can be grouped into: increased income, decreased costs and accelerated timelines, and three things are needed to operate an EE approach – a measurable business case, learning content that can be delivered in any format and an EE LMS (because this can track who has or hasn’t completed training activities, making it possible to measure the approach’s success).

Look out for Docebo’s next product release with new Extended Enterprise features!

In the new release, users will be able to set up a customized, dedicated domain for each environment, personalize the user interface – and administrators will be able to view learning details, manage learning materials and report exclusively on users in their branch.

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