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The docebo learn platform

Unlock the power of learning with the world’s most powerful learning platform

Built for the business of learning

Docebo is your foundation to engage learners, streamline workflows for scale, simplify content management, integrate with your learning tech stack, and ultimately drive business outcomes—now and into the future.

As the first generative AI LMS, we don’t just deliver learning; we deliver innovation and business value. That’s the business of learning.

Discover the benefits of Docebo

Drive productivity, engagement, and success—for your people and your business—
with Docebo’s AI-powered learning platform.

Engage any audience

Don’t just drive engagement. Drive performance, productivity, and growth with AI-powered, hyper-personalized experiences that automatically identify and fill skills gaps for each individual learner. So everyone can reach their full potential.

Prove you’ve moved the needle

Learning programs are critical to the success of your people and your business. They provide tangible value as businesses scale and grow. Measure the impact of learning programs with robust insights and intelligence functionality so you can prove the ROI against critical business outcomes.

Scalable, sustainable success

Growth is great. But only if your people and processes can keep up. Rapid growth requires a learning platform that can respond to increased demands while reducing administrative overhead and maximizing efficiency with AI-powered processes and automated workflows. So you can scale success, support unlimited growth, and ensure security and performance no matter how big your audience gets.

Conquer the content challenge

Content alone isn’t enough to drive results. You need to deliver the right content, to the right audience, at the right time. And that requires a solution that simplifies content creation, management, translation, and distribution. Accelerate content creation and translation with generative AI and capture knowledge and manage content in a centralized location with a solution designed to simplify content governance.

Optimize your learning tech stack

Maximize your tech investments and optimize the learning experience at the same time. Integrate with your existing tech stack to simplify learner management and reduce administrative overhead and maintenance costs. Take things one step further and embed learning directly into your organization’s systems for a fully connected, seamless learning experience.

Explore the world’s best learning platform, built with solutions that grow with you


Docebo Learn provides the foundation businesses need to deliver highly configurable, scalable, and personalized learning experiences to any audience, anywhere.

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Content makes or breaks your learning program. But creating content takes time. Our AI-based tool does the heavy lifting for you to make engaging learning content in a fraction of the time.

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Tap into our library of the industry’s best e-learning content and curated catalogs to get your programs up and running faster.

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Learn Data

Integrate your learning platform and business intelligence tools to show how your programs influence KPIs.

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Embedded Learning

Create learning experiences directly within your products or tools to keep people on task and on track.

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Save time and money by automating processes and workflows between Learn and 500+ SaaS applications with our integration builder.

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More than just a learning platform. We’re your learning partner.

Technology alone won’t solve your problems. It takes the right mix of software, services, partners, resources, workflows, and data. Docebo combines everything you need into a holistic learning ecosystem so you can bring your learning vision to life.