Enabling Scalable, Rapid Growth with Efficient Customer Training

TORONTO – Appian, a business process management software company, relies on Docebo’s learning management system to meet increasing demands for customer training. By creating a blended learning environment with a mixture of online and instructor-led training, Appian has enabled rapid growth and implemented a new subscription-based training model at the same time.

“I figured if Docebo does everything inside the company with the same passion as they apply to their customers, it would be a good fit,” says Medhat Galal, Appian’s VP of Enablement.

Docebo’s new case study, published in partnership with client Appian, tells the story of how this fast-growing tech company was able to support their growth and open a brand new business channel with Docebo.

While instructor-led training can be effective, it presents a challenge when a company is trying to scale their operations. Training thousands of customers in classrooms in 2015 alone, Appian recognized that there was an urgent need to upgrade their approach in order to support long-term customer training requirements.

Ultimately, the company decided to build a customer and partner training program on a learning management system that would be able to keep up with their explosive growth.

“We knew that if we offered this training in a virtual setting, we could position learning as a subscription model,” explains Galal. “From a business standpoint, building a subscription-based training program with Docebo has opened a channel that I didn’t have before.”

Appian has training teams responsible for enabling application designers, developers, and other client stakeholders to use their software. They are now augmenting instructor-led courses with online coaching via Docebo, which learners can complete in their own time.

Implementing Docebo has also allowed Appian to make the full curriculum available all year, and has removed the transaction barrier of buying one course at a time. Participants are even given access to a sandbox Appian environment to test out what they’ve learned, complete exercises and receive grades.

Those who are interested can download the case study to learn more about how (and why) Appian is delivering blended learning to its customers by partnering with Docebo.

About Docebo: Docebo is a global SaaS enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) used in more than 80 countries and offered in over 30 languages. Established in 2005, Docebo (Latin for “I will teach”) offers a learning ecosystem for companies and their employees, partners and customers that is designed to increase performance and learning engagement. Docebo is a learner-centric technology, embraced for its ease of use, elegance and ability to blend coaching with social and formal learning. Docebo provides a scalable pricing model and a robust set of integrations and APIs, paired with reliable support available 24/7. It’s no wonder that Docebo has been heralded by PCMag.com as “the best online learning platform for business on the market.”

About Appian: Appian delivers an enterprise platform for digital transformation that enables organizations to revolutionize their customer experience, optimize their business operations, and master global risk and compliance. Powered by industry leading Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management capabilities, Appian’s low-code approach radically accelerates the time it takes to build and deploy powerful, modern applications, on-premises or in the cloud. For more information, visit www.appian.com.