Integrating technology stacks: The compelling case for CRM/LMS integrations

ATHENS, Ga. USA — As organizations struggle with how to juggle dozens if not hundreds of different technologies across their enterprises, what is lost is how, when they work together, these technologies can yield incredible results. This marrying of technologies is a current example of the truth in Aristotle’s assertion that the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.

On Thursday, Aug. 4, from 1-2 p.m. EDT, Learning Light and Docebo will co-host a webinar examining how integrating an organization’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Learning Management System (LMS) platform can deliver these results.

CRM systems, which are usually the domain of Sales, Marketing and Customer Success and LMS software which is widely used by Learning and Development departments are rarely thought of as complementary technologies. The flexibility and dominance of today’s cloud based software is changing that.

“Innovative cloud technologies have drastically altered how business is done. The most powerful results are seen in connecting the technologies employees use everyday through integration.” Says Claudio Erba, CEO and Founder of Docebo, who offer over 50 different integrations for their Docebo LMS platform. “The integration we’ve just released with Salesforce will help organizations increase their revenue and streamline their operations…it’s a powerful combination”

David Patterson, a leading elearning researcher with the consultancy Learning Light, will discuss the unique benefits of combining a CRM and LMS to create the most robust technology stack for improving sales. Connecting customer, partner and sales data in the CRM and aligning it with the completion of training courses in the LMS is critical to seeing success with this approach.

The webinar, “Integrating your CRM and LMS to drive sales and fuel business performance”, will detail how this particular integration will ensure sales staff and channel partners are operating at peak performance, establish links between training performance and sales results, and help organizations achieve training and revenue goals.

To register visit this page.

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About Docebo
Docebo is a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) designed to increase performance and learning engagement. Docebo’s elearning platform is embraced for its ease of use and ability to blend coaching with social and formal learning, an approach that has been validated through extensive research and is known as the 70:20:10 model. Its technology and processes help organizations get their people learning faster and building knowledge that leads to greater business success. Only Docebo provides an enterprise-wide learning management system with an implementation methodology that is both swift and agile. Sold in more than 80 countries and offered in over 32 languages, Docebo (Latin for “I will teach”) has more than 1,000 clients worldwide and offers an enterprise solution for mid-size to large organizations who need to train employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders. In addition to being heralded by as “the best online learning platform for business on the market,” Docebo has received numerous industry accolades for its technology and approach to improving learning outcomes for its customers.