Docebo 7.4 Release: What’s New in your LMS

Discover what's new in Docebo 7.4

Last Updated

October 17th, 2023

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Major Release


A comprehensive list of the platform changes you will see starting from the end of January 2018. For more information about how to navigate these changes in your LMS, refer to the new and existing articles throughout the Knowledge Base.

Docebo Learn


With Pages, LMS Admins now have a completely new way to design the learners’ experience, end-to-end with no coding required, by composing pages using building blocks and creating different menus for each audience.

The new management of pages and menus offers a more flexible way for Superadmins to handle page layouts and organize them into user menus. With this change comes several new improvements:

- You can create more than one menu, and then associate them to user groups, branches or levels, instead of having a single menu and changing the visibility rules of the single menu items.

- When designing new pages, you can take advantage of pre-created templates (preset pages with a built-in set of widgets to ease and speed up the page creation process).

- The page preview has been enhanced to show the widgets inserted into the page with sample data, instead of loading database content that may not be available.

- New widgets are added, and some already-existing widgets have new settings.
Optimized graphics in line with the 7.0 theme.

For more information on the transition between the old pages and menus management in Docebo 7.3 to the new ones, refer to this Q&A article.

Branches Dashboard

A new dashboard is available in the Reports area of your platform. By viewing the Branches Dashboard in your platform, you can view various statistics and graphs comparing the performance of different branches of your organizational chart.

Remember Me Option for Login Page

When logging into your platform, you can now flag the Remember Me option on the sign in form so there’s no need to enter your credentials every time that you login on that device.

Hiding Courses in Catalog

As the Superadmin, you now have the option to hide a course in a catalog if the subscriptions are not currently open for enrollment. This way, you can keep the course in the catalog, but users will not be able to view it.

External Training APIs

A new set of external training APIs are available. Please refer to the API documentation for more information.

Non-Renewable Subscriptions

For those using the Subscriptions module in the LMS, you can now setup a subscription that can be purchased one time. By adding a start and end date to the subscription, users will no longer have to purchase only renewable subscriptions.

Content Partners

With the addition of the new Content Partners app in your LMS, you can add a list of content partners within the platform and assign courses to them. Courses assigned to these partners are generally courses in which the course content comes from the partners.

Once added into the platform by a Superadmin, partners can display their marketing banners on a course’s player page and overview page as well as in course catalogs. They can also use referral links to track any related purchases. This app is available in all Docebo themes, and is for Enterprise customers only.

System Requirements & Limitations

As Docebo rolls out new features and improves the general functionality of the platform, some system requirements may have changed. Check the system requirements and limitations page for more information.

Docebo Coach & Share

Updated Playlists & Global Search

For those using Docebo’s Coach & Share module, you can now add your LMS courses (eLearning, Webinar, and Classroom) as assets in playlists. Additionally, a new navigation panel is available when viewing a playlist, and a new tab has been added to your platform’s Global Search.


Content Marketplace: Lynda

Learners can now browse Lynda course catalogs and subscribe to any available course of their choice, for both professional growth and personal interests (e.g. a photography course).

Once you activate this content provider in the Content Marketplace, their catalogs will automatically be added to your LMS course catalogs, and you can provide direct access to specific users to browse these catalogs directly to purchase or enroll into courses themselves.

Additionally, you can now use the Massive Import button to import multiple courses from the or Skilla catalog into the LMS in one action. Content from these content provider catalogs can now be imported into the Central Repository, or directly into your LMS courses.

Content Marketplace: Skilla Integration

Skilla is now an off-the-shelf learning content provider for Docebo’s Content Marketplace. By purchasing and syncing Skilla courses into your Docebo LMS via the marketplace, you can create learning objects that can be imported directly into courses or into the Central Repository.