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Docebo LMS integrations

Integrate Docebo across various systems with pre-built connectors and APIs


Integrating Docebo to your HCM/HRIS system provides user provisioning benefits, the automatic assigning of dashboards/courses/Learning Plans/Catalogs, and allows the HCM/HRIS to be the source of truth for user information, making it easier to spot patterns related to the effect of learning on profitability, career development, employee satisfaction and retention.

Among others, Docebo integrates with the following HCM/HRIS:


Connect Docebo to your CRM software to train sales teams with relevant content in the flow-of-work, to accelerate deal velocity, generate more revenue, and connect more directly with customers before, during and after a sale to facilitate product onboarding, feature adoption, ongoing customer training, and overall customer success.

Among others, Docebo integrates with the following CRM Software:

The Docebo and Salesforce native integration is a core module of our platform and enables completion tracking, sales orders and product catalog synchronization, plus the ability to create custom reports and analytics dashboards.

E-Commerce & Payment

Our pre-built integrations with e-commerce and payment gateway portals provide quicker, safer and more creative options for selling learning content and receiving payments securely.

Among others, Docebo integrates with the following E-Commerce & Payment Portals:

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Our pre-built SSO and Authentication connectors allow easy to set-up integrations with your organization identity provider to simplify the setup and login process for your business applications.

Among others, Docebo integrates with the following SSO Integrations:

Content Integrations

Seamlessly access e-learning content from the world’s premier content providers.

Content Authoring

Distribute and replicate learning assets across multiple courses, while engaging your learners with top-notch content.

Among others, Docebo integrates with the following Content Authoring Tools:

When Docebo and Elucidat join forces, content authors establish digital learning experiences that engage modern learners using powerful interactions, such as social polling, gamification and branching, stored and managed within the Docebo course learning object repository.

Integrate Lectora’s powerful authoring, real-time collaboration, automated versioning and backup, built-in workflow and project management. Publish courses into Docebo’s Content Repository with the click of a button to easily distribute and replicate learning assets across multiple courses.

Learning Impact

Docebo has joined with forMetris to provide you with better insight into the effectiveness of your learning activities, a process powered by ready-to-use surveys and reports applied to your formal learning courses.

Web Conferencing

Docebo’s web conferencing integrations make it easier than ever to host virtual events, webinars and conferences, directly within your learning platform, in real-time.

Among others, Docebo integrates with the following Web Conferencing Tools:

And much more…

Content Vendors


Cloud File Storage


Web Analytics

Help Desk & Customer Success

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