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Prove your learning programs impact your business

Analytic-ready data for deeper insights, smarter decision-making, and better business results.

Don’t just use your learning data to improve your L&D program.
Use it to grow your entire business.

Combine your learning data and KPIs with other business metrics for a broader analysis perspective, faster insight discovery, and higher quality decision-making.

Integrate your learning data into any ecosystem

No one likes silos, but breaking them down can be a challenge. Learn Data centralizes your data in one safe, convenient place: Your existing BI and data ecosystem. This keeps your tech stack lean and empowers the tools you already use.

Complete access to your learning data and KPIs

Learning programs generate a staggering amount of data, and Learn Data gives you complete access to all of it—cleaned, organized, and ready-to-analyze.

Prove that learning is a strategic investment

Bring all your learning and enterprise systems (like Salesforce, Workday, Zendesk, and more) into your business intelligence tool and start using the data to inform and validate your strategy.

Ready to prove your learning programs transform your business?


Still have questions?

Is this solution compatible with any BI tool?

Yes, provided that you have the proper data infrastructure, including a data lake or data warehouse that can connect through ODBC / JDBC APIs.

What level of security and performance can I expect?

This solution is empowered by Snowflake data warehouse technology, complying with the highest security standards and providing high performance, even for very high data volumes.

What are the use cases for Docebo Learn Data?

Having high-quality data is critical to measure the performance of any business use case. Some examples include: Sales enablement, customer training, talent development, employee onboarding, partner training, and more.

Learn Data allows you to integrate all your learning data into your own data ecosystem, adding depth to the types of analysis you can do with other internal data sources. The possibilities are endless:

  • Completion rates and impact on employee turnover
  • Training, sales cycle length, and sales effectiveness
  • Training and customer NPS score
  • Time spent training on new features and new feature adoption

Who benefits most from Docebo Learn Data?

Learning leaders, business leaders, managers, business analytics teams, and anyone who needs to understand how learning programs are driving returns for the business.

How does Docebo Learn Data compare to a business intelligence (BI) tool?

Learn Data and BI tools are very distinguished. Learn Data provides all of your raw learning data in an analytic-ready format. The data is already cleaned and organized so it’s ready to integrate with your existing BI tool. Integrating your learning data with your BI tool will help you analyze the impact of your learning programs and understand the story behind the numbers.