Learning shouldn’t interrupt the flow of work

Bring the experience directly into the applications your people use every day.

  • Make learning convenient and relevant
  • Keep productivity high and context switching low
  • Drive product adoption and customer satisfaction with in-app learning
  • Create opportunities for continuous learning

Goodbye, context switching. Hello, getting more done.

See what happens when you deliver learning where it matters, when it matters.

Build confidence

People forget. (A ton.) Get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time with in-app, context-based, just-in-time learning.

Keep focus

Switching between programs eats up a lot of time. Keep people in the programs they work in, so they can stay focused and productive.

Create an always-on culture

Remove barriers to learning and build a culture that supports customers, partners, and employees whenever and wherever they need it.

Keep your learners in the moment and in the flow