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Docebo integrations

Make your integrations work 
for you

Extend the value of your Docebo platform with seamless, flexible integration solutions that fit your unique business needs.

Integrate your Docebo learning platform with the essential tools used across your organization

Whether you’re looking to improve the learner experience, drive productivity and efficiency, or scale programs, we’ve got an integration solution for it. Find the one that works best for you, satisfies all your online learning needs, and sets your organization up for success.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Reduce manual, tedious, error-prone tasks and give learning admins time back for more strategic and engaging work.

Accelerate time to performance

Automate user provisioning and other workflows to get learners up and running from day 1.

Create seamless learning experiences

Reduce learner friction and remove barriers to learning with automated workflows and seamless integrations between Docebo and your existing technology ecosystem.

Drive better business outcomes

Set your business up for success with tools and automations that flawlessly execute tasks, resulting in increased efficiencies, optimized processes, and improved business performance.

Three ways to integrate

Whether it’s with Connect (our workflow automation platform), off-the-shelf integrations, or APIs and webhooks, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Docebo Connect

The integration and workflow automation platform built for learning.

Get all the benefits of APIs for a fraction of the cost (and time). Our low-code platform makes it easy for you to create and fully automate customized workflows between your learning platform and other applications used across the business. 

  • Automate processes between Docebo and hundreds of 3rd-party applications available in our marketplace, or build your own custom connector
  • Build customized, flexible, and adaptable recipes (from templates or from scratch)  to automate specific processes and workflows across your organization
  • Cut down on hours of tedious and manual tasks for admins
  • Take ownership of your enterprise learning tech stack

Learn more here

Docebo off-the-shelf integrations

Built by Docebo for Docebo, these integrations are readily available and require minimal setup and configuration.

  • Set rules and triggers in Docebo Learn to automate processes like user or course data updates with our Automation App
  • Quickly connect and go with basic, pre-built workflows for widely used apps like SSO, webinar platforms, and payment gateways
  • Explore Docebo’s premium, native integrations with multiple pre-built workflows for specific applications like Salesforce

Explore here

Docebo APIs and webhooks

For developers to build integrations from the ground up with Docebo’s publicly available APIs

  • Create custom applications and experiences for your highly custom or complex needs
  • Leverage our developer resources for building your unique integrated learning solution

Become an Integration Partner

Want to integrate your solution with the Docebo learning platform? Learn how

Make learning an integral part of your enterprise tech stack

With multiple integration options and hundreds of 3rd-party applications available in our marketplace, we’ve got an integration for (almost) everything

Still have questions?

Why would I choose Docebo Connect over an off-the-shelf integration?

While our off-the-shelf integrations are readily available with minimal setup and configuration, they are built with specific workflows to cover specific use cases. If this meets your needs and you’re looking for something “plug and play” that doesn’t require any extension of the integration, this is a great option. If, however, you’re looking for more control, flexibility and customization over the integration, have the need to extend the workflows to fit some unique processes and requirements, and have the proper technical resources, Docebo Connect will better suit your needs. 

Do I need to be (or have access to) a software developer to leverage Docebo Connect?

Each integration project is different and requires different skill levels depending on the complexity. With a low-code integration platform you don’t need to know how to write code, however, when building and testing your recipes it is recommended that you have a resource available (internally or externally) with skills such as workflow/process design and implementation, knowledge of application programming interface (API) based integrations, an understanding of  data models, knowledge of the 3rd-party system to integrate with, and the ability to deal with databases.

With Docebo Connect, do I need to build the recipes myself?

Customers own their Docebo Connect instance and have all the permissions needed to create, test, amend, and delete their integration and automation workflows (recipes). Docebo enables and supports customers to build their own recipes via Docebo Connect Onboarding. 

If desired or required, Docebo can offer recipe building services for an additional cost.

What kind of API documentation do you have?

Check out all of our API resources here.

Is there an additional cost for the various integration types?

All of our publicly available APIs and many of our off-the-shelf integrations are available free of charge. Our premium off-the-shelf integrations and our integration and workflow automation platform, Docebo Connect, are an additional cost.

I don’t see the application I’m looking to integrate with in your Marketplace, what should I do?

Contact us to ask what your options are! We haven’t listed every possible integration in our Marketplace, but have selected those that are most relevant to our typical customers. Additionally, if we don’t already have an integration or connector available, we offer a developer toolkit that will allow your technical teams to build custom connectors for Docebo Connect, which can then be used in any workflow, as well as a wide range of publicly available APIs.

How many off-the-shelf, native integrations does Docebo support?

This many! (Find the complete list here.) Docebo’s Learn platform supports many native integrations to help you streamline your software applications and connectors, including HRIS, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), e-commerce integrations, data and analytics, video conferencing tools, content authoring tools, and single sign-on (SSO).

Does Docebo integrate with e-learning content providers?

Of course! Docebo Content gives you quick and easy access to online training and elearning content in real-time that supports your learners’ paths with Docebo Content and industry-leading content providers.

Learn more here.

Does Docebo support SSO and two-factor authentication?

Yes! Our pre-built SSO and authentication connectors allow easy implementation of integrations with your organization’s identity provider, like SAML.

Learn more here.

Can I use Connect to integrate my other systems, without touching Docebo?

Docebo Connect can only be used to integrate Docebo learning platform with other platforms (e.g. Docebo Learn and Salesforce), or to automate processes within the Docebo learning platform itself).

What’s the difference between using Docebo Connect vs. an open API?

With Docebo Connect even a business user can collaborate on creating an integration between Docebo products and other 3rd parties using a visual tool, dragging and dropping some building blocks without any additional technology infrastructure, or the full technical resources and time required to build an integration leveraging APIs.