Docebo can integrate with BambooHR in two ways, using our off-the-shelf integration or the BambooHR connector.

Off-the-shelf integration:
Keep your employee records up to date automatically with our off-the-shelf integration that facilitates the synchronization of user accounts stored in BambooHR with Docebo. With near real-time synchronization, user management can occur from one single system and streamline the onboarding process for new employees.

Connect integration:
Use Docebo Connect for additional flexibility and customization to automate the batch import of newly created or updated employees from BambooHR into Docebo.


Our off-the-shelf integration for BambooHR allows you to:

  • Automatically pull data from BambooHR to Docebo, including Manager-Employee relationship
  • Set user deactivation date in Docebo based on termination date in BambooHR
  • Admin controls user creation and modification notifications

For the BambooHR connector, example recipes can be leveraged or you can build your own.

Example recipes will allow you to:

  • Create or update user record in Docebo when user is created or updated in BambooHR.