Integration type



Team Productivity


Ensure learners and instructors have the latest session info by connecting Docebo with Google Calendar. Learners and instructors will receive Google Calendar invitations and updates to VILT sessions they’re enrolled in. Attendees can RSVP from Google Calendar and organizers can track RSVP responses in Docebo.


For the Google Calendar connector, example recipes can be leveraged or you can build your own.

Example recipes will allow you to:

  • Handle all the operations that synchronize Docebo events with Google calendar events.
  • Create all the events in Google calendar when an existing VILT session is accepted via RSVP.
  • Delete VILT session events from Google calendar if the session has been deleted or declined.
  • Update the VILT session events in Google calendar when the corresponding Docebo event is updated.
  • Create, update or delete Google calendar entries based on changes in the event status within Docebo.
  • Update all future events of the course session in Google calendar when a course is updated.