Docebo can integrate with Salesforce in two ways, using our premium off-the-shelf integration or the Salesforce connector.

Premium off-the-shelf integration:
Docebo for Salesforce is an integration between the Docebo Learn and Salesforce CRM that allows the Salesforce admin to sync data between Salesforce and Docebo as well as embed an AI-powered learning experience via the Docebo native app for the company sellers directly where they’re already working, in Salesforce. With Docebo for Salesforce, learners are provided with the opportunity to inject AI-powered social learning in their CRM, supporting how they learn on-the-job every day: through interactive tasks and experiences rather than formal courses and training.

Connect integration:
Use Docebo Connect to build your own flexible and customized workflows between Salesforce and Docebo.


Our off-the-shelf integration allows you to:

  • Synchronize users, contacts and custom objects from Salesforce to Docebo
  • Synchronise courses/learning plans and enrollments from Docebo to Salesforce

Additionally, this integration provides an embedded Docebo experience directly in Salesforce.
Learn more here.

For the Salesforce connector, you can build your own flexible, custom recipes to suit your needs.