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Learner contribute knowledge

Engage learners and develop a culture that embraces the sharing of valuable knowledge

Unlock your learners’ expertise, encourage them to share their insights, validate it via peer-review and share it across teams, while building a culture that rewards top contributors

Capture and Contribute

The Docebo learning platform is designed to empower everyone within your organization to contribute content that spurs learning. Content may be a quick 5-second video shot in the field on a mobile device, a Skype call with a customer or prospect, or a link to a great resource online. Research shows that 65% of learning content in high performing organizations come from non-L&D sources.

Capture user generated content in Docebo LMS
Distribute knowledge with specific audience with Docebo

Stimulate Sharing

Target shared learning materials to specific audiences. Pick a channel or a team. Stimulate discussion. Learners or experts can comment on shares and ask questions. One single piece of content may inspire a chain of learning events, interactions and more content capital that can be reused in many different ways.

Analyze Results

See how shared content is received and absorbed by your learners’ audiences. Capture ratings, analyze engagement, see what works and what doesn’t. Docebo is building an Artificial Intelligence engine that will analyze contributions and interactions to provide personalized content suggestions to increase learning material relevance to individual learners.

Develop reports with learner’s progress within Docebo LMS
Share content easily with Docebo LMS

Reward and Incentivize Sharing

Not everybody wants to share. Research shows that less than 10% of employees actively share learning content. But giving them a platform that encourages them to do so will help you build out a wealth of learning resources that benefits all stakeholders across the organization.