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Our customers rave about the level of service we provide and about how knowledgeable the team is

At Docebo we integrate customer service into every aspect of our business.

What does the Docebo Learning and Support team do?

Our team is responsible for transferring key product knowledge to customers. While we strive to answer as many of your questions as possible, ourselves, on some occasions we may also enlist the help of other Docebo departments and act as liaison between your team and a more technical resource.

 Grow our Knowledge Base

The L&S team is constantly adding to our Knowledge Base, where customers can go to learn more about how to optimize their use of Docebo.

 Train your team

Docebo clients typically receive their Administrative Training from a representative of the L&S team

 Empower learners

Ultimately, the learning and Support team is responsible for ensuring customers are heard, educated and empowered to grow their eLearning platform

At Docebo, We’re All About Continuous Improvement

Your ideas are important to us. That’s why we’ve created the Ideas Portal accessible for all Docebo customers. Customers can use Docebo’s Ideas Portal to create and submit ideas or feedback, and also vote for and comment on the ideas from other customers or Docebo staff.

How to submit your ideas, browse and vote on existing ones

Login to your platform and open the communication center. You will see a blue button that takes you directly to the ideas portal. Check this article out for more details and see How You Can Increase The likelihood That Your Favorite Ideas Are Accepted