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LMS Additional Features

Extend your Docebo with Additional Features, SSO and Third Party Applications

Audit Trail

The Audit Trails App is an advanced monitoring functionality that helps administrators keep track of actions performed inside the LMS over time.


This app allows superadmins to define common rules triggered automatically by the LMS when some conditions are met.


This App allows learners to create their own blog posts, and to comment and rate posts in order to make the learning process more interactive and social.

Certifications and Re-training

The Certification and Re-Training app allows you to create a certification program quickly and easily.


The Coaching App allows you to introduce the role of coach, who supports learners. With coaching, you can improve course completion times for non instructor-led courses.

Courses Catalog

Let your users browse and subscribe to courses through your own course catalog

Custom Domain

This App lets you customize the domain of your Docebo E-Learning platform (i.e. or

Custom Domain Https

This App allows you to enable the https protocol, and upload and install your SSL certificate for your custom domain and for each domain configured through the Extended Enterprise App.


Market your online courses to your customers with our dedicated E-commerce App

Enrollment Rules

Create automatic policies for courses enrollment based on your specific rules

Extended Enterprise (multi-domain)

This app allows you to enable and train your organization’s clients, partners and members: set-up multiple organizations in different nodes, assign different secured URLs, allow your user base to access the system via multiple authentication modalities (manual login or SAML, OKTA, ADFS) and use distinctive and templated branding policies, including white-labeling for each of your clients.

External Training

The External Training App allows users to upload external activities and certificates into the platform, which admin can then import and review.


Create labels to better organize and manage your online courses.


Activate this App to easily schedule and manage your Instructor Led Training (Classroom) that will be delivered in different sessions and locations.


With this App Administrators can create badges – or awards – that learners can win for achieving things inside the LMS, and earning these badges creates a ranking for each user.

Learning plan

Create learning plans by structuring a specific sequence of courses.

MOOC Builder

By activating the MOOC Builder in your platform you will be guided to setup your Docebo LMS platform correctly for the creation of Corporate MOOCs.


Create automatic rules to notify your users about specific events.

Power Users

Organize your LMS administration by creating profiles for specific management operations.

Subscription Codes

This APP makes the enrollment procedure both quick and automatic. With this app you can create a set of codes to deliver to users, which they will then be able to use to enroll themselves in courses. You can manage Elearning, Classroom and Smartphone courses with this app!


Unlock white-labeling options and totally rebrand your Learning Management System!

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