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Delegate Admin Tasks, While Retaining Control Over Your Learning Platform

Slash the time it takes to perform administrative tasks in half with Docebo.

Docebo eliminates tedious and error-prone admin tasks so administrators can focus on delivering the best possible learning experience to their users.

Special Permissions For Various Audiences And Use Cases

To adapt your learning platform to the various internal and external audiences within your organization, Docebo allows you to establish local administrators, known as Power Users. LMS administrators can delegate admin tasks to these users in each unit or subdomain, while retaining control of the centralized learning platform.

Establish power users to delegate admin tasks
Relieve admins from tedious tasks by enabling power users – Docebo

Autonomy That Relieves Admin From Time Consuming Activities

Power Users gain a high level of autonomy to deliver training to their audiences and capture necessary data for accurate reporting to relieve the central administration from unnecessary, time consuming actions (i.e.: adding users, enrolling learners, running reports and issuing certificates).

Customizable Power User profiles

Power Users can be assigned specific roles with custom characteristics, established by the global administrator, from an array of options, so he/she only sees and has control over specific aspects of the learning platform, not the entire system.

Customize power users by setting different permission levels to manage admin tasks – Docebo LMS