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Reward top content contributors

Fine-tune your social learning machine, reward valuable behavior, capture in-depth analytics

As learners and experts come together to create best practices, top performers are recognized by coworkers and rewarded by the organization

Intrinsic Rewards

People who genuinely want to help peers only care about Karma Points, and love being considered part of a corporate “Hall of Fame.” Coach & Share provides individual and administrator level visibility of content sharing metrics to see who’s contributing valuable learning resources across the organization.

View content sharing metrics in Docebo LMS
Reward top performers with gamification – Docebo LMS

Extrinsic Rewards: Gamification

Coach & Share offers fun, yet sophisticated gamification capabilities to encourage, recognize and spur user contributions, including leaderboards, badges, access to a rewards shop and contests to tap your  workforce’s competitive nature

Metrics That Matter

You want to know who excels, what works and what can be improved to keep your social learning machine firing on all cylinders. Docebo Coach & Share produces a number of analytical reports, providing insights into the questions your learners are asking, the answers they’re finding most helpful, the subject-matter experts contributing the most valuable content, and peer reviewed and approved shared assets.

Generate content sharing report in Docebo LMS
Build knowledge repository – Docebo e-learning platform

Q&A Threads are Assets

The Q&A exchange is captured as a thread, appearing as an asset among search results to become a valuable source of knowledge capital that’s shared across the entire organization.