Getting your Docebo LMS Up and Running


Here is what you should expect during your onboarding journey

Week 1

Customer Success Manager

Technical Deployment Manager

Kickoff meeting

Our goal is to build a long-term strategy to achieve your learning and development goals, starting with successful adoption of your learning platform.

During this meeting we’ll review your project’s goals and deployment timelines.

Week 1-2

Technical Deployment Manager

Use Case Discovery & Planning

We’ll delve into your specific use case(s), which will inform upcoming onboarding sessions and deliverables.

Your Solution Deployment Manager will develop a custom onboarding journey and ensure you have everything needed to get started. Now you will begin configuring your system to your specifications.

Week 2-9

Technical Deployment Manager

Training, Organization & Configuration


  • Our Docebo Academy will deliver a series of targeted learning modules and identify best practices.
  • After each module you will be able to configure the related part of the system on your own.
  • Your Solution Deployment Manager will conduct follow-up calls after each step to ensure all questions are answered and that knowledge is properly applied to your use case(s).

Sessions will cover topics like:

– Overall LMS Look & Feel
– Courses and Catalogs
– Enrollment Rules, Notifications
– Dashboards, Reporting
– Integrations

Week 10-11

Technical Deployment Manager

Testing Period

To ensure you are ready to roll out your new platform we will assist you in developing a strategy for a “soft launch” to test out the platform with a small number of beta users.

Together we’ll verify that your use cases are being met by the final configuration and that everyone is happy with the result.

Week 11-12

Technical Deployment Manager

Final Review

We’ll review feedback from your soft launch together and help you incorporate any required changes into your platform.

We’ll complete a final walkthrough of the topics covered during the onboarding process and confirm all objectives have been met.

Customer Success Manager

Transition to Customer Success

At the end of the onboarding process your Customer Success Manager will take over as your point of contact and advocate at Docebo.