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Docebo for Microsoft Teams

Seamless, personalized training with improved outcomes and usability. It’s learning that works. Where you work.

Leading organizations learn with Docebo

Search, share, work, and learn.
All in one place.

Deliver more effective training, improve focus and productivity, and remove barriers and friction. The world’s most powerful learning platform now integrates with Microsoft Teams.

Keep learners in the zone.

Context switching is the ultimate productivity-killer. By delivering training where learners already spend their time, you simplify their workflow and increase their engagement.

Oh-so-smooth. Oh-so-you.

Users can interact with learning like they interact with everything else: Any chat, any channel, any time. And with a fully customizable dashboard, onboarding, talent development, and customer training can live on one platform—with a unique look and functionality.

Streamline and simplify.

Juggling academies, emails, learning portals, and mobile apps is exhausting—for your learners and for everyone else. Integrating systems and processes creates a superior user experience with better data and reporting.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Unlock a culture of learning

Amy Salm

Director of Product Knowledge
Education, La-Z-Boy

Docebo's integration with Microsoft Teams has been a game-changer for us. It has eliminated the need for separate platforms and streamlined our training process. Our sales teams can pull up learning content while they’re on a call and share it without changing platforms. Employees love that it saves them time and enables them to focus on their core responsibilities while still prioritizing their professional growth.”

Simon Kear, SFHEA

Assistant Director, Online Learning
at Nord Anglia Education

With Docebo for MS Teams, learning has become a bigger part of our daily routine. The integration brings recommended training modules, assessments, and certifications into Teams, which has helped us nurture our culture of continuous professional learning and made it easier for our people to make time for their learning”


La-Z-Boy increased learner
engagement by 179%

View the case study

Nord Anglia Education

Nord Anglia increased NPS by
27 points

View the case study

FAQs about Docebo + Microsoft Teams integrations

Can I track user activity like course enrollments and completions when they are done in Teams rather than in my LMS?

Yes! All learning activity is tracked across platforms and then consolidated for easy visibility. 

Are there any fees associated with this integration?

Yes, this is a paid integration. Unlike some learning products that charge based on registered users, Docebo charges based on Monthly Active Users (MAUs), so you only pay for users who are actually learning. 

Where is the Training Dashboard located?

Users can access the Training Dashboard from their personal Teams App, and dashboards can also be added to Group Chats and Channels. 



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World-class learning

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