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Docebo for Salesforce

This is not a dream. You can now deliver training directly within your Salesforce CRM.

An absolute game-changer for sales teams

Close more deals, develop stronger customer relationships, and know how learning is contributing to revenue performance with a native LMS integration for the world’s most-used CRM.

Enable sales, in real-time

Streamline the onboarding process and enable sales teams with the right content, at the right time, to increase average deal size and improve win rates.

iFrames are a thing of the past

A 100% native integration built on the Salesforce tech stack gives a better learning experience and makes it easier to understand how learning drives sales performance.

Classic and Lighting Community ready

Leverage your Salesforce communities (Classic, Lighting) to keep customers and channel partners up to date with everything they need to know about your products and services.

“Our goal is to elevate the sales profession every opportunity we have. Providing access to our sales training content in real time, when they need to access it, allows for endless opportunities for sales practitioners to reference the material when it’s most important to them. Our sales managers often use the online portal platform for reinforcement and coaching as well, based on participant visibility and reporting metrics.”

Salesforce LMS Integration: Features & benefits

Increase product adoption and renewal

Reduce customer churn with top-notch learning experiences that contribute to their success, health scores, and lifetime value.

Inject social learning

Foster a culture of social learning by supporting how people learn in the flow of work. With a completely integrated experience, you can leverage the entire Docebo platform within Salesforce.

…and much more.

Air-tight security

Package architecture strictly controls users, credentials, and access to content by enforcing Salesforce’s natively-built security mechanisms.

Two-way communication

Sync users, courses, learning plans and enrolments between Docebo and Salesforce so you know who’s completed what, who’s enrolled in what, and how that learning content contributed to their success.

FAQs on Salesforce LMS Integrations

Is the Salesforce connection through an API or is it available in the app exchange?

Docebo for Salesforce is an integration between the Docebo LMS and Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that allows the Salesforce admin to embed an AI-powered learning experience via the Docebo native app.

Learn more here.

Would individual learners have unique log in details for Salesforce?

Once a user has been added to the Docebo training platform, they are able to access their learning content and activities directly within Salesforce using their existing credentials.

Would the information in Docebo sync with Salesforce?

Yes. Docebo for Salesforce synchronizes users, courses, learning plans, and enrolments between the systems on scheduled or manual syncs.


Are there any initial set up fees?

Yes, there is an annual fee to connect Docebo for Salesforce to your learning platform. Please contact us for more pricing information.

Does Docebo allow me to sync data from the learning platform into Salesforce?

Yes, the integration is bi-directional, allowing you to sync data related to users, courses, learning plans, and enrolments between the two systems.

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