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Content can make or break your learning programs. Let Shape’s AI do the heavy lifting.

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It takes up to 100 hours to create a single hour of online learning content

What if you could reduce that to minutes?

Turn knowledge into high-quality content

Automatically turn internal or external knowledge sources and content into short, engaging learning pills in multiple formats.

Streamline content updates & translations

Keep content fresh with versioning and leverage automatic, AI-based translations to publish multi-language content within minutes.

Create content they’re craving

Create beautiful learning content without taking months to master the tool. Deliver tailor-made content, then share it directly in your e-learning platform or another delivery tool.

Seamless delivery

Plug Shape content right into your e-learning platform or other channels, simplifying the content development process from sourcing info to delivery.

“Shape is the modern solution we need for our L&D programs. It gives us the ability to create easy and digestible content I believe our users will enjoy.”

Jason King, Curriculum Design and Development Manager, IGA Coca-Cola Institute

“Sharing content with our learners has never been easier! We used to spend days creating content. Shape allows us to create it in minutes.”

Lisa Barsh, National/International Director of Sales Training and Education, Varsity Spirit

Create your first shape in minutes for free!

Any questions?

Can I plug Docebo Shape into another LMS that’s not Docebo Learn?

Yes! Docebo Shape content can be played in any learning management system (LMS) or learning platform that supports xAPI content, making it easier for you to share your e-learning content across several channels and to multiple target audiences.

Which content can I use as source materials to make my content pills?

Docebo Shape’s AI-based content creation tool helps you create engaging content starting from source materials like case studies, online articles, PowerPoint presentations, or white papers.


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Is there a limit to how many content pills I can make each month?

Nope! Shape allows you to create an unlimited number of content pills each month. Reach out to an expert today to learn more about our pricing plans.

Is Docebo Shape an e-learning content authoring tool?

The short answer is no. Authoring tools typically take months to master and focus on creating full e-learning course content, which may take days to create. 

Docebo Shape, on the other hand, allows you to create less formal, microlearning content to plug into several contexts and channels within minutes, boosting your learning content engagement and giving time back to your internal content creators and subject matter experts (SMEs).

Can I only use Shape content in e-learning and online training contexts?

Shape can be used in a variety of contexts! Shape allows you to turn your source materials into marketing collateral, sales enablement and employee training, or quick tutorials, and how-to video pills that can be used for e-learning or to add engaging content to other channels like emails and more.

What special skills do I need to be able to effectively create content with Shape?

The short answer, none! Shape takes around 10 minutes to master. After that, you’re on your way to creating hyper-personalized content to share across multiple audiences, in multiple languages and on multiple platforms. Once you’ve plugged in your source material, Shape’s AI-based capabilities take care of 95% of the work.