Designing Learning that Works: Using 70:20:10 Effectively

Some doubt whether it’s possible to improve performance with the 70:20:10 model. Well, 70:20:10 Institute Co-Founders Charles Jennings and Jos Arets think so, and they’ve shared their insights in this report:

  • How you can build a 70:20:10 strategy that allows you to achieve and measure results
  • Dive into the first 3 roles of the 70:20:10 Institute’s framework
  • How an applied 70:20:10 model can be translated into both learning value and business value

Download The Report:

Support Performance

Learn how 70:20:10 can help L&D demonstrate business value.

Practical Insights

Learn to build a 70:20:10 strategy designed to achieve and prove results.

Defining Roles

Understand the importance of defining and assigning roles.