Understanding The Intersection of AI and Human Capability in L&D

Learning technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to amplify our knowledge and equip people with the skills they need to adapt and evolve.

Download this ebook, published in partnership with Brandon Hall Group, to understand how AI and human capability will work in tandem in L&D.

You’ll learn:

  • Why human skills will be critical for collaboration and human interaction.
  • How AI helps shift how we deliver learning, making it more personal and adaptive.
  • How AI supports learning in industries with high rates of dynamism.


The Reality of AI in Enterprise Learning

AI systems are designed to augment the learning platform experience for administrators and end users.

Upskilling Learning

AI is not getting rid of jobs. It is changing jobs.

Enhancing The Role of The Admin

Not only does AI make the lives of L&D admins easier, but it also makes them better at their jobs.