E-learning platform case study: Amnesty International


Building Global Human Rights Communities With Learning Technology

How do you educate people on a global scale about what their human rights are and then empower them to claim them?

This was the question facing Amnesty International, the global human rights movement, as it sought to grow the reach of its Human Rights Education Program.

Amnesty knew an e-learning platform could help engage different audiences in different countries and it turned to Docebo to make this idea a reality for its global training needs.

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Attract learners across the globe

The Amnesty Human Rights Academy delivers more than 30 courses to 45,000 learners in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian and German.

Keep learners engaged

Beyond registration and completion rates, there are over 2,000 active forum discussions taking place within the Docebo learning platform.

Reach new audiences with easy-to-access learning content

Amnesty has attracted learners in countries where the organization has no physical presence, including Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and Colombia.