Online Training Platform For Fundraising - Boosterthon | Case Study


Case Study: Boosterthon - Training For A Cause

Boosterthon helps elementary schools raise much-needed money through fun runs.

As a company with a mainly Millennial and Gen Z workforce, spread out across multiple states, Boosterthon needed a way to engage and train its employees, who are the face of the organization.

Learn how Boosterthon uses Docebo to:

  • Create engaging social learning experiences
  • Save time and resources by reducing the need for in-person training
  • Transform learning into a business culture activity


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Democratizing Learning

Learning and Development at Boosterthon has become a business culture activity, compared to a forced-from-the-top-down task employees have to do.

Creating Familiar Content Experiences

By replicating the experience of content platforms, Boosterthon is encouraging learners to interact, contribute their knowledge and start conversations.

Encouraging Continuous Learning

“Ultimately, we want to weave continuous learning into the fabric of our organization.”