Business Continuity Strategy During COVID-19

As a learning technology company, we want to offer our knowledge and experience in hopes of educating our community.

With that in mind, we built this strategy guide to provide organizations with best-in-class information on how Docebo is handling contingency planning in a time of crisis. Use this as a resource on strategies for your organization.

Key insights include:

  • How we structured our pandemic influenza management plan
  • Leveraging working from remote offices
  • How to effectively communicate updates internally
  • Employee communication routines


Our Pandemic Influenza Management Plan

Articulated in 4 phases: Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery.

How We’ve Leveraged Working From Home

Using our cloud-based ICT infrastructure, we’ve extended our WFH policy and implemented specific KIPs to spur productivity.

Our Internal Communication Plan and Routines

How we make sure that our teams are kept in the know about changes to processes and the support we offer to keep them safe and happy.