The 70:20:10 Institute Report: Continuous Development for Improved Performance in The Workplace

Change – life’s only true constant – has guided learning through an evolution from formal training blocks to a merger of working and learning. Today, given the social nature of our lives and environments, learning is guided by the flow of work and other experiences throughout one’s day-to-day – or learning in real-time – to inspire continuous improvement across the entire organization.

Today’s working environments require:

  • Technology that supports more dynamic ways of working – and learning in the flow of work
  • A recognition that learning activities must support learning and performance to match the pace at which their business evolves
  • Learning solutions that extract knowledge in ways that spread value across the entire organization

Continuous development for performance improvement

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70:20:10 as an Agent of Continuous Improvement

Increase performance by solving human-centric problems to consider learning and working as integral components of the continuous improvement cycle.

“We Won’t Get There With What Got us Here…”

Technology and learner-centric methodologies help organizations manage change more effectively compared to formal, traditional learning strategies.

What’s the Solution?

The 70:20:10 framework gives L&D a way to adopt and drive the success of new learning approaches to produce tangible results.