Corporate Training: The key to success


Graña y Montero: Focusing on corporate training creates expert employees

Graña y Montero is a group of 26 engineering and infrastructure services companies that operate in 7 countries across Latin America.

With a strategy and training plan for 13 leading companies (26 including subsidiaries), Graña y Montero found that their open source LMS didn’t scale with the pace at which new employees were joining the company.

With this case study you will learn:

  • The benefits of a SaaS LMS versus an Open Source platform
  • How a scalable LMS can help reach large audiences at the same time
  • Why focusing on training drives the overall success of a company

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From Open Source to SaaS

Learn the benefits of a SaaS learning management system

A scalable LMS

Train large audiences at the same time and with ease

Expert employees, company's success

Focus on the professional development of employees