Customer Challenge

Producing and distributing a range of products and services, as well as providing its customers with key industry knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainability, safety and operational compliance, Sealed Air is committed to providing learning materials for its customers. These learning materials not only relate to Sealed Air’s products and services, they also share knowledge, expertise and best practice on a global scale.

Sealed Air wanted to provide a unique learning solution for its customers that provides all these things and allows its customers to benefit from a state-of-the-art learning tool to help them use and customize their own learning materials as well.

Its Diversey Care Division already had a learning management system (LMS) but this was a proprietary system which was not only ‘dated’ but also costly to maintain. So Sealed Air looked for a state-of-the-art LMS which could cope with large numbers of users globally and allow a ‘delegation approach’. In other words, Sealed Air wanted an LMS that would allow all of its customers to give their employees access the relevant learning materials, allow certain members of these companies ‘administrator rights’ and prevent customers’ administrators being able to see both what other Sealed Air customers were learning and also how they were performing.


In looking for this – in Sealed Air’s view – ‘ideal’ LMS, Sealed Air carried out an extensive review of market leading LMSs before selecting Docebo. Sealed Air chose to implement the Docebo Enterprise solution because it offered the flexibility of a cutting-edge, accessible, up-to-date and updatable LMS.

Having carried out its review of available LMSs and made its decision to use Docebo, Sealed Air flew four of its key company employees from the USA, UK, Argentina and The Netherlands to Italy, where Docebo ran a two-day workshop explaining the LMS’s capabilities and how to use the LMS for maximum effect and benefit. These employees had different roles within Sealed Air’s business – and this created a valuable blend of knowledge, goals and experience which helped this team to fully explore the Docebo platform.

Now, some months since it deployed the Docebo platform, Sealed Air produces high quality, video-intensive SCORM-compliant learning content. Moreover, the Docebo platform allows Sealed Air to reuse all the legacy SCORM-compliant learning content that it had – and the system tracks all the users’ learning experiences.

While Sealed Air controls the functionality of the overall solution to manage its training content, it’s able to give its customers specific access to manage their training materials and to benefit from the platform’s integrated content suite.

With the Docebo LMS, Sealed Air can customize content for specific audiences – and it’s now delivering learning materials to customers throughout the world.

It can also use the platform to communicate and network with its audience on current issues of generic business and specific sector interest. While security, safety and compliance are all key factors for Sealed Air and its customers, the company is able to certify and manage performance data, allowing it to benchmark the overall goals and performance.


In the first six months after implementing the Docebo system, over 1,000 Sealed Air customers accessed learning materials via the system. Each month, the number of customers in the system is growing. Sealed Air believes that it’s experiencing a positive trend towards the numbers of enrolments and training materials utilized. The feedback from Sealed Air’s customers, as well the company’s internal audience has been outstanding.

According to Sealed Air, it’s confident that it made the right choice and that Docebo is an ideal partner. The Docebo LMS provides the option to upgrade and customize the system to any specific needs as they evolve. It also allows Sealed Air to customize it to its different target audiences and, thus achieve tangible business goals through e-learning.