From The 70:20:10 Institute: Engagement Through Workplace Learning

More than ever before, businesses are struggling to engage their employees. In fact, employee engagement levels have fallen to an all-time low.

This whitepaper, published by the 70:20:10 Institute in partnership with Docebo, aims to solve engagement and performance related L&D issues by emphasizing the value of workplace learning – especially in informal and subtle ways.

The report contains a number of valuable insights on the benefits of workplace learning, including:

  • The urgency at which employers must develop L&D strategies that enhance employee engagement and retention
  • How to refine L&D programs to deliver the most impact and internal engagement
  • Gallup’s “12 Elements of Engagement”

Learning in the workplace is no longer an option – it’s a must-have.

increase engagement through workplace learning

Download The Report:

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Employees Aren’t Engaged

Existing L&D strategies don’t prioritize professional development.

Informal Learning

Why informal and subtle learning formats are arguably the most effective ways to enhance employee engagement and drive organizational performance.

What’s the Solution?

How the 70:20:10 framework enables learning from working