Convince Your Boss to Send You to DoceboInspire


Convince Your Boss to Send You to DoceboInspire

DoceboInspire is taking place in Boston on September 18-19, 2017. Need to convince your boss that it’s worth the investment and time away from work to attend the conference?

This free template will help you:

  • Outline what you expect to learn at DoceboInspire and how it will help you with your particular role and initiatives
  • Price out the anticipated cost of attending DoceboInspire
  • Convince your boss that DoceboInspire will be a valuable experience for you and your team

Download The Document:

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Build Your Case

Outline how DoceboInspire will help you reach your L&D goals.

Price It Out

Create a DoceboInspire budget for your manager’s approval.

Convince Your Boss

Gain buy-in from your manager to attend DoceboInspire 2017!