What’s inside

The new learning landscape.
Setting the stage. Current and future workplace and L&D trends, and how a Learning Suite can help you stay ahead of the competition.
The business case for a learning suite.
Making your case. Steps to take when preparing your Learning Suite pitch, and tips on how to handle pushback from key stakeholders at your company.
The learning suite buyer’s journey.
Planning your approach. How to identify the right time to switch to a Learning Suite, and what internal considerations you’ll need to discuss when choosing a solution.
Calculating ROI from your learning programs.
Quantifying impact. Calculating the business impact of your existing learning solution, and forecasting the potential upside of a modern Learning Suite.
Pitching the learning suite.
Nailing your pitch. Tips and tricks to help you pitch your Learning Suite solution like a pro using objective reasoning, quantifiable data, and objection handling.
Engaging your IT team.
Speaking the language. An introduction to SaaS learning solutions, their benefits, and what IT will look for in a new learning solution provider.
Learning suite integrations guide.
Connecting your tech. In-depth technical information on Docebo’s integrations and supported tech platforms to demonstrate ease-of-use.
Slide Deck
Business case slide deck.
Putting it all together. A ready-to-go slide deck that outlines the key benefits of a Learning Suite, and helps you pitch Docebo as your provider of choice.