Customer Challenge

SDF Academy, the training school run by the SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Group, offers technical and commercial training courses to all of the company’s sales network members. With input from service technicians, marketing product trainers and parts specialists, who stay constantly abreast of the latest engineering developments and technological standards, the SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Group is able to prepare dealers for new challenges, enabling them to optimize customer service, and improve sales negotiations by bringing their product expertise to the market. Following the dynamic fluidity of the global economy and the importance that emerging markets are assuming, along with the Company’s strategic priority for innovation, quality, and superb standards of customer service, a clear need for a blended training strategy that includes both Classroom Led and Web-based Trainings has become a necessity.


In 2011 SDF Academy, adopted an E-Learning Platform, the Premium Docebo edition, kicking off an innovative process for the Global Corporate Training Strategy and the related methodologies, mixing Instructor Led and Online Training. SDF Academy created an online course catalogue that matched new product knowledge needs, based on the increasingly far-reaching and complex applications, that require training in technical IT skills development. Through this system, SDF has trained the entire sales network and bridging technical assistance from dealers to authorized mechanic’s workshops. This program has been rolled out to Customers in several languages.

The courses have been built based on modern methods of online instructional design: multimedia, usability, gamification, and assessment. Analogous to this, a Train-the-Trainer project was launched to allow every single subsidiary to replicate the training model of the Corporate HQ. SAME DEUTZ-FAHR and Docebo have worked closely together to design and implement new online modules, with the objective of creating a useful and efficient management of the Company’s database and its reporting tools.


SDF Academy significantly improved its management process for classroom training, online and in the field, by exploiting the potential of the Docebo E-Learning platform. In general, the data regarding usage and completion of educational programs was extremely successful. The first result was to be able to easily create and manage courses specifically designed to fill in the knowledge gaps of individual users, or a specific group of learners. The strategic management of relevant data (i.e. structured data on the network and data sales and service) was a great benefit for the Company. Ultimately, the opportunity to access and monitor historical training information is crucial in today’s fast-paced, and rapidly evolving, market.