Aberdeen Group Report - Modern Learning is a Reflex, Not a Process

Most companies face the challenge of declining employee engagement. Historically, learning content analytics have been used to measure the performance of L&D programs. 2018 will, however, usher in an era in which content analytics are used to understand how companies can drive learner engagement and performance, while making their learning experience reflexive.

What’s driving this shift?

  • Best-in-class companies are optimizing content and program production to align the goals of the workforce and the employer
  • Reflex-based learning increases the likelihood that employees develop the skills their organizations need, while remaining with their companies over longer periods of time.  

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Declining engagement

Why are companies still face declining engagement in their L&D programs?

Social Learning

Why two-way communication is fundamental to employee engagement and development in a good workplace.

What’s the Solution?

Is a focus on how content is consumed a silver bullet to boosting employee engagement and performance?