Docebo in The [Regional] Cloud

As SaaS business grow, they must consider their global footprint, especially relating to the architecture of their IT systems. Those with a global presence must embrace a flexible IT design that keeps pace with their technology and its changing demands.

Docebo, as a SaaS provider that’s now home to 1,400 customers in 90 countries, has adopted a regional cloud hosting approach to ensure our platform delivers unmatched service, speed, and security to all users of our platform, no matter where we are in the world.

Docebo and Regional Cloud LMS- Whitepaper

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Why a "one-data-centre-fits-all" approach just isn't enough anymore

Regional cloud hosting gives Docebo the ability to perform ultra-quick product updates to its global customer base, along with the confidence that they’re data is secure in the cloud.

How Docebo achieves it through Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Regional cloud hosting produces a better overall SaaS experience.

The performance and privacy benefits of regional cloud hosting

Why the move to a regional cloud model is a natural progression for SaaS organizations that face regionalized latency and compliance hurdles (i.e. GDPR).