E-Learning Trends 2019 - Get Your Report

The changing world of work is forcing organizations to adapt and upskill their employees. On top of this, a rapidly-evolving technology landscape has transformed what is both necessary and possible for learning departments.

To help you better understand this time of change and take action in 2019 and beyond, we have outlined the biggest trends influencing e-learning.

Download the report for the latest industry Insights, including:

  • Why it’s time to rethink the traditional LMS.
  • How mobile learning is being elevated from current offerings.
  • How key technologies, such as artificial intelligence, will create immersive and personalized learning experiences.


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The age of the modern learning platform is here

58% of companies are dissatisfied with their LMS because it is outdated and does not meet business needs.

Mobile devices dominate the way we consume content

A large part of L&D’s future belongs to mobile learning – the next step is offering truly anytime, anywhere learning.

AI fuels automated and personalized learning

A learning platform driven by artificial intelligence is the key to freeing up L&D admins from repetitive tasks and delivering truly personalized learning.