Customer Challenge

Veeam Global Education Services had been using a mix of several outdated versions of self-hosted LMS solutions that were supported by Veeam programmers. They experienced challenges with functionality, scalability and productivity. The internal LMS had additional issues; namely, it was accessible only via VPN connection, which wasn’t feasible for everyone. Veeam needed a much more flexible API that could be utilized from both PHP and .NET platforms. And finally, the look and feel of the customer’s existing LMS solutions didn’t match their corporate style guide, requiring significant customization.


Based on their initial requirements, Veeam reviewed solutions from several lists, including those found on an E-Learning blog and the LearnDash LMS blog. They selected six solutions to evaluate and compare:

  1. Functionality
  2. Extensibility
  3. Cost
  4. Documentation
  5. Market Share

According to Anton Mamichev, Senior Manager of Global Education Services at Veeam: “Docebo didn’t make it to our initial list, but in a second review we were impressed with how the game had changed – Docebo won or performed extremely well according to all of our criteria, proving that the platform had evolved in leaps and bounds.

Additionally, we received great support from the Docebo Sales Team throughout all stages of the selection process.”

Veeam discovered many advantages in the Docebo E-Learning Platform:

1. Optimal functionality.Docebo delivered everything Veeam needed without requiring additional development from Docebo or Veeam. The deliverables included: 1) course player with multiple content type support and built-in PPT player; 2) certification test with a test-out option and flexible (HTML-based) certificate template; 3) satisfaction survey; 4) convenient reporting; 5) very fast, modern interface.

2. Fast cloud performance.Veeam has offices worldwide and asked their colleagues to test Docebo’s solution in a few network connection scenarios. A fast cloud performance was experienced everywhere — even for the test SaaS version.

3. Very fast and easy-to-use API.It took only 30 minutes for the business manager of education at Veeam to build an integration mock-up that included Veeam’s critical scenarios (Single Sign-On with Veeam internal and partner-targeted applications, users and subscription management).

4. Very fair price.Veeam found Docebo’s price for both out-of-the-box features and some additional custom development fair.

5. Great design.Veeam asked for only two cosmetic changes: font face and different green color gradation. As the entire LMS is based on CSS, Veeam was able to modify appearance of some blocks without any changes to LMS code.

6. Very good documentation.Veeam was pleased to discover that in addition to a detailed explanation of the API, Docebo provides a technical wiki explaining the benefits of this technology, Docebo’s process and best practices.

7. Data safety.Docebo provides a daily database backup, which gives Veeam confidence that at any point in time all data is transparent and that they are managing it.


Since the launch in August 2013, more than 50,000 Veeam partners have been given access to the Docebo E-Learning Platform and over 3,000 of those partners take courses each month – resulting in over 10,000 certifications to date.

In reviewing the project’s value for Veeam’s partners, Peter Ruchatz, Chief Marketing Officer at Veeam, concludes: “At this point we can state that the project was very successful – according to a satisfaction survey, 95 percent of partners who had successfully passed our sales certification confirmed that our education helped them better understand and sell the product, and the same number of partners reported that the LMS interface was good to use, while 37 percent reported that it was really intuitive.”

“Veeam has already moved all of their partner-targeted global content to the Docebo LMS and are in the process of internal course migration. In addition, this project brought an unexpected benefit – Veeam was able to identify a lot of outdated and unused courses in the old LMS, so this process will improve the internal education overall.” Anton Mamichev adds, “We have great support from Docebo in terms of planning and implementing our future ideas.”