How to get more out of your learning technology to align L&D to business goals

Only 10-15% of companies have well-developed learning programs that are aligned to strategy and desired business outcomes.

It’s time to close the loop between L&D and the core objectives of your organization and prove the value of learning.

Download our whitepaper, Close The Learning Loop, to find out:

  • The 5 key traits all learning organizations share.
  • How to create the optimal structure for L&D within your organization.
  • Why smarter learning technologies will play a key role in connecting L&D to business value.


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Start with an ”ideal” in mind

Understand where the learning function best supports business strategy and goals.

Define strengths + opportunities, plus how to leverage them

Understand organizational strengths and opportunities as a whole and the best ways to leverage them.

Reorganization requires realignment

Consider the informal mechanisms that enable team and business partner relationships, including casual office conversations, social learning tools, etc.