Say goodbye to outdated compliance training in your LMS

The conquer-it-all LMS for compliance training automates mandatory training and elevates the learning experience, all in one place.

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The all-in-one learning management system for compliance training

Simplify compliance training in your LMS

Develop a scalable approach to compliance training that automates course tracking and reporting, and delivers accessible training programs and learning content in real-time in a variety of formats and languages.

Automate retraining

Docebo’s training platform automates workflows, making certification management easy and allowing you to offer new e-learning courses on time, every time, across any location or compliance scenario

Track compliance requirements and related admin actions

Docebo’s Audit Trail records activities that have affected specific operations, procedures, or events, so you can keep accountable and update your e-learning courses accordingly.

The #1 LMS for compliance training

Maintain compliance requirements and standards

Docebo gives HR and L&D admins a cost-effective, simple, and centralized training solution with full functionality to host compliance training and control continuing regulatory requirements.

Avoid the risk

Avoid the risk with your compliance training courses by making sure employees receive any mandated training programs to mitigate risks and avoid any potential regulatory compliance issues. You can also provide the most up-to-date online compliance training from anything from health and safety to GDPR and healthcare, while focusing on the learning experience.

Manage recurring compliance training programs

Set expiration dates for safety training certifications and automate re-certifications. This way, you’ll always be in the know as it relates to the next retraining sessions and newest compliance training courses for all learners that require them.

Increase engagement & completion rates of compliance training programs

Say goodbye to boring compliance training in your learning management system. Have fun mixing up course content formats with personalized compliance training software that includes gamification and micro-learning to keep learners engaged, increase retention, and course completion rates soaring.

Compliance training FAQs

Can I automate enrolments in the Docebo LMS?

Yes, the Docebo LMS allows admins to establish different enrolment rules for employee training based on branches and groups to streamline the course enrolment process and provide the most up to date learning content.

Can I automate re-certifications to avoid risks related to non-compliance?

Yup! Unlike other LMSs, Docebo’s industry-leading LMS automates workflows related to managing and renewing certifications, allowing Admins to set expiration dates for certifications to manage renewals.

Can I use my existing compliance course content and certifications in the Docebo LMS?

Yes, you can bring existing content and certifications into the Docebo learning platform and even use an authoring tool to add interactive elements. For new training content, you can go to our content marketplace to purchase SCORM content packages from providers such as LinkedIn Learning, Skilla, and Docebo Content.

How does the Docebo LMS manage compliance reporting and certificates?

Docebo’s Certification & Retraining app makes certification management simple by allowing you to create a certification training program quickly and easily, for all your training needs.

Users can earn a certification by completing designated e-learning courses and learning plans or external training activity, or regulatory compliance training certifications can be manually assigned.